Indian Navy Day: Things to Know

The Indian Navy, the naval branch of the Indian Armed Forces, is the supreme force protecting the sea space falling under India’s control. The Indian Navy has been instrumental in keeping the Indian sea borders safe and secure, dismantling external threats and winning the country a number of wars over the years. Saudawala extends its warm wishes to all Indians for the Indian Navy Day. 

We are proud of the fact that we have such a formidable force safeguarding our coastlines. 

Here are the things worth knowing about the Indian Navy:
  • The Indian Navy Day is celebrated on December 4 every year. The Day commemorates India’s famous offensive officially named ‘Operation Trident’ inflicted successfully on Karachi harbor on 4 December, 1971. The theme of the ‘Indian Navy Day 2015’ will be – ‘Ensuring Secure Seas for a Resurgent Nation’.
Indian Navy Day

  • The Indian Navy was established under the British East India Company in the early 17th century. The Indian Navy has been playing an active role in India’s defence since 1830. It got its present name in 1950 when India became a republic.
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the 17th-century Maratha Emperor, is widely regarded as the ‘Father of the Indian Navy’.

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  • The Commander-in-chief of the Indian Navy, just as other armed forces’ is the President of India. The Chief of Naval Staff, who is appointed by the President, commands the navy.
  • At present, the Indian Navy employs more than 58,000 personnel.
  • The motto of the Indian Navy reads- “शं नो वरुणः”, (Sham No Varunah) translating to- “May the Lord of the Oceans be auspicious unto us”.
  • The Indian Naval Ensign is a white flag with a vertical red stripe and a horizontal red stripe intersecting at the centre carrying the National Emblem (The Lion of Sarnath) right at the intersection itself. It also features the Indian Tri-colour in the upper canton.
  • The Indian Navy Day is celebrated by the naval staff in India’s commercial capital Mumbai.
  • The Naval Aviation Museum in Goa showcases the evolution of the Indian Naval Arm.
  • The Indian Naval Academy is situated in Ezhimala in Kannur district of Kerala. It was founded in May, 1969.
  • INS Vikramadiya, an aircraft-carrier commissioned in November 2013, is the biggest warship the Indian Navy has. This is one of the two aircraft-carriers in active service at present, the other being INS Viraat.
  • MARCOS (Marine Commando Force) was inducted by the Indian Navy in 1987. The special force aims at direct action, counter-terrorism, amphibious warfare and special reconnaissance.
  • Amongst all the honours and gallantry awards an Indian Navy personnel can be conferred, Param Vir Chakra and Ashok Chakra rate higher than the civilian honours Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan in the ‘Order of Precedence’ of the Indian Navy. The prestigious Bharat Ratna, of course, is the highest honour one can be conferred.

There are certain things that you can do to mark the Day:-

  • Light a candle and pray for those who are vigilant and awake at the borders at all times so that we could have a sound sleep. Express your gratitude towards them for they risk their lives protecting ours.
  • Put creative and customized posts, slogans, personal stories (if any) or a few lines honouring the Indian Navy on various social media sites.
  • Like the Indian Navy support pages on various social networking sites and show your solidarity to the Navy.
  • Attend any function held in honour of the Indian Navy by governmental or non-governmental organizations on the Day. also salutes and thanks the Indian Navy for ‘being around’ and protecting us.
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