Horoscope Predictions 2016

Happy New Year Dear Friends! Saudawala leading site of Delhi NCR for daily deals, offers, discounts and free coupons brings to you Horoscope Predictions 2016. Our Saudawala partner Aacharya Shri Arun Dixit Jee puts forth a few predictions about how 2016 shall be.

In today’s materialistic world, needs and requirements of mankind are ever increasing. With this the tensions and concerns of each individual are impacting every aspect of his life be it - education, profession, business, love, marriage or health.

We are all curious to know when things will improve; how will they get better or what remedies can we apply to bring positive changes in our life. Answers to all your questions lie in Jyotish Shastra, which will help you turn things for the better.

With the onset of the New Year, this month we will tell you how the New Year 2016 will be for you? What do your planets and stars say? What remedies will be beneficial for you?

Let us explore what does your horoscope hold for you in 2016?

                   1.      Aries - this year will prove to be beneficial and progressive for you. If you work hard and put in your best efforts from the beginning of the year you will get success in your ventures. If you patiently continue your efforts, during the middle of the year you will start reaping benefits of your hard work and you will be able to achieve your goals. This year your health will be good. However, if you stay close to your family then the overall year shall be good for you on the personal front as well.

                 2.      Taurus - This year will be full of ups and downs for you.   You need to bring about a change in your lifestyle. Do not take any decisions under anyone else’s influence. Have faith in yourself. This will be good if you maintain a positive approach and work hard.


                  3.    Gemini –     This year will be overall good for you. New opportunities will open up for you and you may even travel abroad for work. You will also gain name and fame during this year. Your determination will be the key to your success.

                 4.      Cancer – This year will be full of opportunities for you. You can achieve a lot during 2016. You will also get a lot of support from your colleagues and your family. However, choose your advisers carefully, else you might run into unnecessary trouble and ruin your chances of succeeding in your tasks.

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                    5.      Leo – This year shall begin on a positive note for you. Whatever tasks and work will be undertaken shall bear fruit during this year. Health wise also it is a good year for you. Beware of becoming a slave to your anger, which is the only deterrent to your progress. Take decision after deep thought.

                   6.      Virgo – This year, important work of the previous years shall be accomplished. Hard work will be rewarded. For travel and health this is a good year.  On the financial front you will gain during the first quarter and last quarter of the year.

                    7.      Libra – This year will be full of struggles for you. Work      shall also get delayed. However, keep patience and keep doing your work. If you maintain a positive outlook and keep doing your tasks with dedication, success will surely start following you during the second half of the year.

                     8.      Scorpio – Overall this year will be a progressive and successful year for you. Just stay away from people who have a habit of unnecessarily interfering in your work. Also, beware of negative people. Be focused in your work.

                     9.      Sagittarius – This year shall mark the beginning of prosperity   in your life. Work that had not been accomplished over the past few years shall get done this year.

                     10.  Capricorn – This will be an average year for you.       However, things will start improving during the second half of the year. Be careful during long travel. Marriage shall also be on the cards this year.

                   11.  Aquarius – This year will be a smooth ride for you. Your self   esteem will get a boost and you shall emerge a winner at the professional front. On the personal front, things will start improving during the second quarter of the year. New opportunities shall come your way and grabbing them in the right time will reap long term benefits.

                 12.  Pisces – The New Year will mark the beginning of a successful  and stable phase. Professionally, personally and financially you will gain from all sides. For the unmarried, marriage is on the cards. You will also travel a lot this year. Health wise also this is a good year. 

Disclaimer – The predictions, views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s and do not reflect the official policy or position of Saudawala or any of its affiliates.
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